Friday, November 28, 2008

Why Not Get Rid of Him?

I'm actually planning on writing a new post here in my blog, this coming December 1st. But when this news caught my attention, I was itching to write about it. Here it is: Marbury Suspended.

Honestly, Marbury should've been suspended ages ago. Why? Because he's got this H-U-G-E attitude problem and I can't stand the fact that the New York Knicks is still sticking with him. Argh! Not that the Knicks are in my list of favorite NBA teams, but I just wanted him out of the NBA [period!]. He's really not a big loss to the team.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What's Wrong?

The San Antonio Spurs have now lost three games in a row. The freshest loss came against their Texas rival, Dallas Mavericks. The Spurs were definitely not playing the way they should be as the Mavs won 98-81.

The first half of the game was plainly dreadful. The Spurs just couldn't find their rhythm on the offense while the Mavs kept on hitting the right shots. Jason Terry, who's had his first game of the season, totted up with 29 points and six assists. Dirk Nowitzki played his best too, I think, with 30 points and seven rebounds. On the gray and silver jerseys, it was Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and Roger Mason, who finished with double-digits 22, 19, 11, respectively.

So, what went wrong with the Spurs? Why 0-3? Missing Manu Ginobili's spunk? Or getting younger isn't really the best solution?