Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Road to the Finals

The road to the Finals for the San Antonio Spurs and the Detroit Pistons is over. Yesterday, the LA Lakers [4-1] won 100-92 over the defending champs that only took five games and today the Boston Celtics [4-2] took over The Palace of Auburn Hills with an 89-81 victory, the Eastern series only went up to six games. And so, it was over for the previous defending champs to return to the road where they once battled each other out that was year 2005. They were the better team during that time but this season was different. The Lakers and the Celtics were simply the better teams.

What went wrong with the Spurs? The defending champs simply didn't have the consistency on the offensive end. During the first round against the Phoenix Suns, the Spurs didn't have that much troubl with regards to their shooting. But every game against the Suns was a hard-fought battle for the Spurs. Their offensive problems showed during their series against the New Orleans Hornets, which went up to seven games. And when the series against the Lakers began, the Spurs just hung in the balance because of their poor shooting and the supporting casts' lack of contribution on the offense. I know the Spurs played against the Lakers the best they could but they just weren't strong enough to go along with KB24 and the rest of the Lakers.

As for the Pistons, the Celtics outplayed them in four games and that was all. For the postseason record of the Bad Boys, they played neck-and-neck against an underdog named Anrei Iguodala and the Philadelphia 76ers. The way the Sixers played against the Pistons really shocked me but in the end it was the Sheed's company who won and advanced to the semis to face the Orlando Magic. I thought it was going to be another neck-and-neck battle but I was wrong. The Pistons prevailed after finishing Superman and his allies in five games. And off they went to the conference finals where the legendary Celtics await them. The series was then tied to 2-2, Ray Allen even said that the series felt like it was back to zero. Then after Game 5, the Celtics had the 3-2 lead. But the Bad Boys of Motown weren't the type who's going to lose their cool just because their behind. What's good news for the Pistons was that they were playing at The Palace - their home. But I guess being at home doesn't really assure you a win. The Pistons eventually lost to the Celtics and KG advances to meet KB24 in the Finals.

I don't really know where to go from here. Two of my favorite teams have been eliminated by the teams that are going to the Finals. Honestly, I want the Lakers to win because I want the loss of the Spurs to be worth it. So, I'll be rooting for the Lakers in the Finals. Why I don't like the Celtics? The answer is wearing the #20 green jersey. =p

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spurs in BIG Trouble

Try to imagine someone writing from a computer with keys almost popping out from the keyboard. That's definitely how I'm typing as I write this entry. I'm disappointed, sad, frustrated, and everything negative that a fan could feel whenever his/her favorite team loses. Good news to all Lakers fans though, Kobe and his squad just crushed the Spurs to a 93-91 win at the Alamodome, getting the lead to 3-1. Kobe Bryant finished the game with 28 points and 10 boards. Lamar Odom sits next to KB24 as the second best scorer of the game adding 16 points and nine rebounds. Pau Gasol, who came to the Lakers to seek for a championship, contributed 10 points and 10 rebounds. Good job for the Lakers.

The series was almost done for the Spurs as the last seconds winded down during the fourth quarter of Game 4. The Spurs have done their best and I know that they're feeling more frustrated and pressured more than ever. Imagine trying to win three straight games and two of those has to come from the Staples Center. Tim Duncan with 29 points also had 17 rebounds, while Tony Parker and Brent Barry added 23 points each. Barry's 3-point shot could've made the difference but the shot didn't came and the buzzer sounded and Game 4 was over for the Spurs. Manu Ginobili clearly wasn't himself with seven points and six assists. The Spurs are now down to 1-3 against the Lakers. The Spurs are on the verge of extinction, which slowly takes all the hope in me. I wonder how the Staples Center would look like in Game 5. What I do know right now is that the Spurs are in BIG trouble when they visit Hollywood.

Monday, May 26, 2008

"It's almost like zero-zero now." - Ray Allen, Celtics

The Boston Celtics arrived at the Palace with the notion that the Detroit Pistons will sweep them two game in a row. But that didn't happen when the Celts won Game 3 over the Bad Boys. The Celts eventually got the 2-1 against and feeling confident about making another one in Auburn Hills. Well, not for too long because the Pistons would never allow such feat and so the Pistons fueled themselves to win, which they successfully did. The Palace rejoiced as their Pistons lashed the Celts with a 94-75 win, getting the series to 2-2. Good news for all Pistons fans.

What's amazing about Game 4 was that none of the usual top scorers of the Pistons took the top spot. The spot was taken by none other than Antonio McDyess, who finished with 21 points and 16 rebounds. He was followed by Rip Hamilton who scored 20 points while Rasheed Wallace and Jason Maxiel each had 14 points. McDyess was the star player on Game 4. I've always admired him, he just didn't have that much minutes to really prove his worth and now he's done it. Well done McDyess, you've carried your team to a crucial win this series.

While the Palace celebrated, the Kevin Garnett and the Celtics just felt the gravity of the situation of losing a road-game against an opponent like the Pistons. KG and Paul Pierce only 16 points apiece. Ray Allen wasn't feeling his rhythm that much with only 11 points. During the course of the playoffs, I noticed that Allen isn't helping his team that much. Is he injured? Is feeling unwell? Does he have early vacation plans? If he continues to be that way, KG and Pierce will need to find another backup. Don't ever think of Sam Cassell being moved to the starter because I don't think he'll be of any help at all. "They didn't play great. Kevin had shots that he normally makes, and he didn't make them. I just thought he didn't have shots when we wanted him to get the ball. He had elbow jumpers, not in the post," said Doc Rivers, Celts coach. But for the Pistons' coach Flip Saunders, “I thought this game was called very differently than any other game in the playoffs. There were a lot of ticky-tack fouls called.”

How Good is He?

How good is KB24 in playing basketball? If only I have a measuring device to determine how good he is, I wouldn't have a hard time figuring it out. But What I do know is Kobe is so good that basketball becomes so easy when he's playing. I am definitely not a fan of Kobe Bryant, I just can't help but be amazed with the way he's played basketball and I think he's changed a lot. He's not the Kobe that has a glue on hand, where the ball just sticks with him throughout the game and him scoring more than half of his team's score. It simply seemed to me that the Kobe who won MVP this regular season was the one I've always wanted to watch. I hate saying this, but I'm starting to like the way he's carried his team and the way his teammates have improved despite his persistence of having a trade earlier this season.

KB24 has definitely matured and that has driven him and the rest of the LA Lakers to be better. Look where they are now. They are in the Conference Finals and battling it out against the defending champions, the San Antonio Spurs. The series is going to be more exciting with Manu Ginobili back on top form and Kobe just thrilled watching someone who showed as much determination as he does when playing basketball. As for the question about how good Kobe is? No one can really tell exactly how good he is. Kobe is simply good.

“He hit a lot of big shots, he hit one shot that just made me laugh. It was right in Sasha’s face. It was just great defense,” said Kobe on Manu's face off against Lakers' Sasha Vujacic.

Spurs, Manu Helps Win Over the Lakers

The San Antonio Spurs were down 0-2 against the LA Lakers. But with their playoff routine, the Spurs bounced back with a 103-84 against the Lakers on Game 3. But hey that was just Game 3 and the Lakers still lead the series to 2-1. So, I guess I really shouldn't be overconfident about the Spurs. But who wouldn't be very confident if the Manu Ginobili that we've always known has just returned to the AT&T Center and buried 30 points for the Spurs? After two games of poor shooting, Ginobili was back and hitting every crucial shot for his team. Tim Duncan finished with another double-double with 22 points and 21 rebounds. Tony Parker also had an outstanding Game 3 performance and added 20 points. The rest of the Spurs played well but they have to step up their games more and with much pressure at hand because I'm pretty sure Kobe Bryant and the entire squad of Phil Jackson will recover from that loss and will be determined to try win at the AT&T Center.

Speaking of the Lakers, Kobe topped their scoreboards with 30 points and was followed by his mate Pau Gasol with 15 points. Lamar Odom wasn't quite himself with only seven points and 11 boards. I've got to put that behind me and get ready for the next one," Odom said.
What's the one thing the Spurs are trying to avoid when playing against KB24? The answer is to prevent him from getting to the freethrow line, which he loved doing during the Lakers' second round series against the Utah Jazz. "It's something we try to do. Sometimes, you just can't, but if you give Kobe -- besides all those shots that he takes -- 20 free-throw opportunities, then it becomes really difficult," said Spurs G Ginobili. And indeed, Kobe only only had one freethrow and missed it. The Lakers' defense were also stretched with the presence of Robert Horry But PJ will certainly make some adjustments with Gregg Popovich's strategy during the previous game and we'll definitely see those changes on Game 4.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lakers Victorious Over the Spurs

The LA Lakers dominated in the Staples Center with a 101-71 victory against the San Antonio Spurs. "The building was electric and we just kept it going,” said Jordan Farmar. Kobe Bryant was definitely himself with 22 points. Lamar Odom, who said he didn't played well in Game 1, had a superb game finished with 20 points and 12 boards. "I just try to fit a role and find my niche and find my lane," said Odom. The Lakers' bench were productive, too, with Farmar contributing 14 points along with Sasha Vujacic and Luke Walton with seven points apiece. "The past, maybe, week and a half, I've been feeling really good about my game," said Farmar.

On the Spurs' side, well, no one was actually feeling Game 2. Tony Parker had 13 points, Tim Duncan with 12 points, and Manu Ginobili [back to being the 6th Man] only scored seven points. Honestly, I really have no idea what happened to my Spurs. They were literally outscored by the Lakers in three quarters and again they were in the exact spot they were in during the series against the Hornets, which is to be down by 0-2. “We are going to go home and one of two things are going to happen. We are either going to make this a series, or not,” said Duncan.

“I think they might have had some tired legs,” said Lakers' coach Phil Jackson. They probably had tired legs but they can't make any excuses now, it's the conference finals. “We knew (fatigue) would catch up this game, not last game. We thought our last game was our best shot to get something here, to just dig down and go after it. Obviously, we didn't get that done,” said Popovich.

After losing two straight games to the Lakers, the Spurs are heading back to AlamoCity to try and win Games 3 & 4, which I really hope they get. Again, Games 3 & 4 are make-or-break games.

Spurs' 0-2 Deficit Repeat

Do we [Spurs' fans] have to endure that same feeling when the New Orleans Hornets buried the San Antonio Spurs to a 0-2 deficit again? I understand if the Spurs are still weary after that strenuous job of eliminating the Hornets. But it's the conference finals and it's the Lakers that they're battling against. Okay, inhale-exhale. Breathe Halley, just relax.

Tell me, is there any reason for the Spurs to panic? Definitely. In fact, the Spurs have all the reasons to panic. The Game 1 loss was a bit easier to take in because they had a superb 1st half. But then again, it was the Lakers who won and showing the Spurs who rules in the Staples Center. And then came Game 2. Without any practice the Spurs allowed Kobe Bryant and the rest of the Lakers to finish them off with a 30-point lead. The Lakers won 101-71 against the weary defending champs and getting a 2-0 lead in the series. I am not feeling good about this series but I won't falter, I'm still going for the Spurs no matter what. Cheer up my fellow Spurs fans!.. =)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Top 5 Perimeter Defenders

What separates him [Bruce Bowen] are intelligence and effort. Some consider him a dirty player beacause of how shooters sometimes land on his feet, but I don’t agree. - Stan McNeal

1 Bruce Bowen, San Antonio Spurs
2 Tayshaun Prince, Detroit Pistons
3 Raja Bell, Phoenix Suns
4 James Posey, Boston Celtics
5 Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers/LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Bad Boys Tie the Series

Let me hear you say! Deeeeetrooooit baaaasketballlllllll!! Yeah! The battle is definitely on between the Detroit Pistons and the Boston Celtics. The so-called Bad Boys of Motown won 103-97 against KG and the Celts in Game 2, tying the series to 1-1. They are a team that is so consistent in being good that they elude greatness -- sometimes, it seems, on purpose. - Scoop Jackson

Now, it's time for Kevin Garnett to prove his prowess at The Palace in Games 3 & 4. I'm really loving this! Six out of the 10 Pistons were in double-figures. The leading scorer for the Pistons was Richard Hamilton with 25 points and was followed Chauncey Billups scoring 19 points. Rasheed Wallace, Tayshaun Prince, and Antonio McDyess, had 26 rebounds all in all. This is definitely what you call Detroit Basketball.

On the greener side of the court, it was Paul Pierce who dominated with 26 points while KG added 24 points and 13 boards. Where was Ray Allen? Well, I think he's slowly getting in shape with 25 points and eight assists. Boston's Big Three wasn't able to hold on to their homecourt advantage as the Pistons wreak havoc during the first half. "The atmosphere's going to be crazy. We're geeked about getting back to our home court. The fans are excited, and now it's our job to take care of home court," said Rip Hamilton. Superb win for the Pistons!.. Bravo!..

Spurs show their age in loss to Lakers When the Spurs win, it's about their experience but when they lose it's all about their age!.. Duh!! Such foolishness!..

"He [KB24] was doing a trust-his-teammates thing in the first half. He was checking it all out and seeing where his territory was going to be. In the second half, he went to work," said Spurs coach, Gregg Popovich.

“We don't want to go down 0-2 because it's very difficult to come back," said Spurs G, Tony Parker.

Game 1 Goes to the Lakers

Yes, I know the LA Lakers won 89-85 against the San Antonio Spurs. And I also know that KB24 is this season's MVP, so, I'm don't wonder why he got 27 points and nine assists for the Game 1 win. "I knew I could make a push and once I made that push, it felt like it energized us a little bit, get the game back under control, get it under 10 where we knew we could be in striking distance," said Lakers' G Bryant. Next to Kobe Bryant on scoring is Pau Gasol with 19 points and seven boards. Derek Fisher only had four points and was cursed with five personal fouls, the reason for his 29-minute playing time. On the side of the silver and black jersey, it was Tim Duncan who dominated the scoreboards with 30 points and 18 rebounds. Tony Parker who only had 18 points had 10 rebounds to pull it off for his team. But I think it wasn't enough to steal one game from the Staples Center. Manu Ginobili, obviously, wasn't in perfect rhythm scoring only 10 points and four turnovers. Was he one of the Spurs who slept on the plane? The Spurs lost but I'm sure they'll definitely get back in Game 2. “We had a great opportunity and didn’t take advantage of it,” Gregg Popovich said. Game 1 was close and it will get even closer as the series continues.

The road to the Western Conference finals for the Lakers was easy. First, Kobe has to eliminate the combo named Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson. The series was way to easy for the Lakers, imagine sweeping the Denver Nuggets 4-0. It wasn't really a shocker. Round 2, KB24 faced a more challenging opponent - the Utah Jazz. But even with the combination Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, and Mehmet Okur, the Jazz fell short against the Lakers. This win gave the Lakers the ticket to the Western Conference finals. But during that time, the Spurs were still battling a make-or-break series against the stinging New Orleans Hornets. In the end, it was the pride of AlamoCity who ended up victorious.

If the Lakers had the easiest road to the Western Conference finals, for the Spurs it was the opposite. First round and the Spurs have to eliminate one of their toughest rivals, the Phoenix Suns. We all what happened to these two teams last seasons. And I think up to now, the Suns' fans aren't over yet with Robert Horry's hipcheck on Steve Nash. But the series was tougher for the Suns after being ousted by the Spurs to 4-1. Then, on the second round the problem for the Spurs continued with CP3 and the Hornets very eager to get into the Finals. It was definitely one of the toughest series I've watched which went to a grueling Game 7. Despite the homecourt advantage of the Hornets on Game 7, the Spurs still won 91-82. And what awaits the Spurs in the conference finals is another trouble with a leader named MVP this season.

Game 1 was a proof on how exciting the Lakers-Spurs series is going to be. The game was pretty close and it's going to continue that way until Game 7. Go Spurs!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Marbury + D'Antoni = Knicks >> Just Perfect

I never really liked Mike D'Antoni and I think it's a good thing Steve Kerr, General Manager of the Phoenix Suns, let him go and be with his fellow stubborn, hard-headed fellas of the New York Knicks. I don't know, whenever I hear the name Knicks the face that gets into my head is Stephon Marbury. I really don't like the guy and I don't know if I'm going to be annoyed that the two people that I really dislike in the NBA are together at last. Or feel sad about the suffering that the team has to endure with these two guys. You're going down Knicks!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spurs Advances to the Western Conference Finals

I told myself yesterday thay before I write something about Game 7 of the San Antonio Spurs and the New Orleans Hornets series, I am going to watch it. And yes, I've watched the game and again it was an outstanding performance from the Spurs' 6th Man extraordinaire Manu Ginobili. Ginobili led the Spurs to a 91-82 win against the crowd favorites the Hornets. The Argentinean poured in 26 points for the win, along with the 17 points and 16 points from Tony Parker and Tim Duncan, respectively. Fab Oberto also played brilliantly with four points and nine critical rebounds. Everybody from the Spurs simply played their part, even the bench players played a vital part for the victorious Game 7 win. “I’m sure glad that’s over," said Spurs coach, Gregg Popovich.

For CP3 & Co. I definitely applaud them for being a good sport. The Spurs played better this time and they [Hornets] were simply not making shots especially on the third quarter. David West, as expected, was great with 20 points and nine rebounds. Chris Paul scored 18 points and provided his team with 14 assists and Tyson Chandler, who guarded Duncan the entire series, added 13 points and 15 rebounds. The Hornets really caused a lot of trouble for the Spurs, offensively and defensively. The few days of rest, I guess helped the Spurs recover and mull over about how to win against these Hornets in their home, where the Spurs lost with double-digit margins.

Popovich isn't the type of coach, who causes hype because he's is not very pleased with the way his players played. He talks little but with a lot of sense and humor that is why he is considered to be one of best coaches in the association today. He made good decisions in the past and is now reaping the end result. Take a look at Parker. When Parker joined the Spurs in 2001, he was this stubborn teenager with little idea on how to satisfy Pop. They've probably had arguments but that paidoff with Parker as one of the best point guards of today. What's nice about the relationship between these two is that Pop trusts Parker. During a timeout in the first quarter, instead of Pop holding the magic board for some coaching I saw TP holding it and instructing something to Duncan, who simply nodded and nodded. And when Pop went to their side, the game was about to start again. It was just amazing how Pop trusts his players. TP isn't the only one whom Pop trusts and is confident about. I'm talking about Ginobili. Just putting Manu as the 6th man and hearing nothing from him, made Pop to put a lot of trust to his Argentinean player. Of all the Spurs, Manu is the one who showed a lot patience. He just doesn't stop shooting and when he gets his rhythm the game is truly on for the Spurs. With the win against the Hornets, the Spurs are off to Hollywood to face KB24 and the rest of the LA Lakers. What I know is that this series is going to be a lot more exciting than the one with the Hornets and the Phoenix Suns. I wish to write more, but I still have work to do. So, I guess that's all for now. Have a great day!.. =)

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Semis is Almost Over

The end of the conference is near and eight teams are still vying for spots in the Conference Finals. Okay, I mean there are only seven teams vying for the Conference Finals because the Detroit Pistons already had a spot after winning the series 4-1 against the Orlando Magic. The other Eastern Conference series is still on going with the Boston Celtics leading 3-2 against King James and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers. You know what I think? I think the Celtics will win this series, KG is very determined to win the ring and he knows that Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and everyone wearing the green jersey, shares that same attitude. King James is young with a lot more to learn. But I don't he has the perfect combination of Knights to help him earn the sweetest victory a NBA player could achieve.

Let's go to the toughest Western Conference semis I've seen. The LA Lakers are a game away from achieving a spot in the conference finals with a 3-2 lead. But I don't think the Utah Jazz is ready to give up. I think anyone who's watched the Jazz play last year during the conference finals against the San Antonio Spurs can really tell that the team has improved a lot - particularly Mehmet Okur. Yes, Okur was pretttty boring last season but now?? He's playing great and I can't put into words what I feel whenever I see him make shot after shot. It's still very unbelievable for me. [with sarcasm] KB24 isn't feeling 100 percent okay, but I don't think it'll stop him from reaching his goal and that is to win the NBA Finals. As for the Spurs-New Orleans Hornets series, which is now tied to 3-3, there were no excuses made and both teams have played their hearts out. But definitely, I'm going for the Spurs. I know some might think that they're old and they can't win against the young and stingy Hornets. I really don't care. I love the Spurs. And I know they enjoy playing against the Hornets despite the sleepless nights of coach Popovich and Manu Ginobili's incredible willpower after each loss. [Go Argentina!! << for the Beijing Olympics] I also salute the Hornets for playing outstanding basketball! David West really caught my attention and I kinda like him because at a young age, he's become a very versatile player just like his idol David Robinson, which ironically is a former Spur and who also played with Tim Duncan.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spurs Tie the Series to 3-3

Yes!! The San Antonio Spurs won 99-80 against New Orleans Hornets. The series is now tied to 3-3 and the Spurs go back to the New Orleans Arena. Game 7 will definitely be one-heck-of-a-game. The Spurs who dominated was Tim Duncan, with 20 points and 15 rebounds, and Manu Ginobili scoring 25 points. Tony Parker was subtle with only 15 points. Ime Udoka and Kurt Thomas helped boost the Spurs' bench. Udoka with 13 points and Thomas with nine boards. The Spurs' 2nd-Half Syndrome was gone. In fact, they outscored the Hornets during the 2nd half. Bravo!.. On the Hornets side, David West came out of the game because of back problems, leaving him with only 10 points and 6 rebounds. Chris Paul had 21 points and eight assists. The second leading scorer for the Hornets was Tyson Chandler adding 14 points and followed by Peja Stojakovic with 13 points one of which was a 3-points.

Of course, the Spurs played better at home but they were just a game away from being eliminated by the Hornets. They can't afford to lose, not on Game 6 and definitely not on Game 7. The last game is a few days away, so, both teams can rest. The Spurs need to take advantage of this time off to close this series with them at the top. The Hornets are tough at home and this is the "real" Game 7 and the only way to the Western Conference Finals where the LA Lakers or probably the Utah Jazz will be waiting. [with fingers crossed] The Spurs will win this series.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hornets A Game Away from the Western Conference Finals

Cheers to the Detroit Pistons in making it to the Eastern Conference Finals! Whoever faces them, the Boston Celtics or the Cleveland Cavaliers, I know they'll put up a good fight. What worries me right now is the 3-2 status of the New Orleans Hornets, who just won 101-79 against the San Antonio Spurs. The Hornets is just a game away from the Western Conference Finals and I definitely don't want them to win this series. I respect the Hornets [a lot] and coach Byron Scott, but it's the Spurs who I want to continue on. During the first half of Game 5, the Spurs were looking good with a 4-point lead. But as soon as the second started and the Hornets began to shoot effectively, they [Spurs] were slowly dismantled. Their 2nd Half Syndrome only shows when they're playing in New Orleans Arena. Manu Ginobili was the Spurs' top scorer with 20 points and seven assists. Tony Parker added 10 points while Tim Duncan contributed 10 points and 23 boards. “Hopefully, I can make an adjustment and do better in the next game,” said Spurs forward, Duncan. Game 5 seemed like the repeat of the first two games, which were all awful games from the Spurs. “Now we are in a really tough situation,” said Ginobili.

At the first half, Chris Paul wasn't still on his rhythm and the only Hornet in double figures is David West. Both of them turned over the game during the 2nd half leaving the Spurs with just 11 points during the 3rd quarter. The Spurs, I guess, got lost along the way like they did during the first two games. I'm really really hoping that the Spurs win Game 6 and win this series. I know, there'll be articles about the Hornets showing the Spurs how old they were. That's alright with me, the losing team always gets the worst criticism anyway. So, whatever happens on Game 6, I'll take it as it is.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Game 5 in Progress

Game 5 is in progress and the San Antonio Spurs lead by four points. Manu Ginobili, the Spurs' top scorer for the first half, has 15 points. David West, on the side of the New Orleans Hornets, started hot with 22 points.

The Palace rejoices as the Detroit Pistons, at last, ousted the Orlando Magic 91-86 and returns to a very familiar spot - the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Big Easy Won't be Easy

During Games 3 & 4, the San Antonio Spurs showed the New Orleans Hornets what made them the defending NBA Champions - defense. From a 0-2 deficit, the Spurs bounces backs and ties with the Hornets to 2-2. “We are in a different situation now, but we have to try to do it the same way,” said Spurs' guard Manu Ginobili. As the series shifts back to the Big Easy, winning for the Spurs won't come easy. The Spurs' effective approach to the Hornets' stiff defense and surging offense is to play stiffer defense and not stopping Chris Paul. Yes, you heard me right [I actually heard this from one of the commentators] the Spurs aren't stopping CP3. Instead, they'll be stopping everybody else. Surely, CP3 can't win the game by himself. Very clever move from Spurs' coach Gregg Popovich. The question now is, will the Spurs hear each other out for this approach with the L-O-U-D crowd that is sure to fill the New Orleans Arena today? We'll see!..

Check out this article from Mr. John Hollinger, which is all about history that kinda irritates me. "OK, you might think, but if the Spurs take Game 5 tonight, then it's definitely over, right? Wrong. [sigh] So, what really makes the Spurs Go Round??

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Very Rabid Indeed

Energy Solutions Arena is one of the loudest in the NBA and has some of the most rabid fans in the league. I totally agree with Mr. Broderick Turner regarding the home crowd of the Utah Jazz. When you're with the oppossing team, you're a marked man once you enter the EnergySolutions Arena. I still remember what they did with the San Antonio Spurs during last season's Western Conference Finals. I'm not enumerating the stuff that were thrown to the Spurs but that was very rude. Very very rude!

Home Sweet Home

KB24 is M-V-P. So, what?! The LA Lakers won't easily get a win at the EnergySolutions Arena where the Utah Jazz rule. And they [Jazz] have really proven that with a 104-99 win against the Lakers on Game 3. Carlos Boozer provided a stunning double-double with 27 points and 20 boards [I think he's turned into a monster]. "I tried to stop thinking so much out there. My teammates were waiting for a big game out of me and I was too," said Boozer. Mehmet Okur [??] added 22 points with Deron Williams following him with 18 points and 12 assists. The Jazz definitely played their best. And the EnerySolutions' crowd? They're much like the crowd of Planet Orange [Phoenix Suns], they're very LOUD! The reason why I still have a question mark on Okur was because he wasn't brilliant on last season's playoffs. I just can't believe that it's really him that's playing exceptionally well or just a doppelganger. I really don't know. Despite the Jazz' win, the Lakers still lead the series to 2-1. I'd love to see the Jazz win this series and the Spurs too.

But as far as I can see KB24 & Co. are giving the Jazz a hard time specially during the first two games. “We competed very hard, much better than we did over there," said Jazz coach, Jerry Sloan. So, basically the Jazz are experiencing what the Spurs are going through. But what can I say, the four teams that are left in the Western Conference semis are among the best this season. It's just amazing how tough the West is and that the top four teams are the ones left vying to get to the Finals.

Friday, May 09, 2008

And Then It's 2-1

Nerve-wracking, Game 3 was. Whew! I took quick peeks at the scoreboard and I never stayed for more than a minute on the scoreboard window. I was just so curious that I don't want the game to distract me from my work, which I experienced during Game 2. "It stunk," said Bruce Bowen. [the moment i woke up, i was already feeling down - maybe that was a bad sign - sigh] Game 3 was different though, I think there was more pressure for the San Antonio Spurs because they're back home. I'm just very happy that they won 110-99 against the New Orleans Hornets. The Hornets still leads the series 2-1 but when I think about it, it's better than 3-0. Almost everyone from the Spurs' stood up for their team. First of, the Big Three played really well. Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker had 31 points apiece. And yes, Manu was back as a starter. Tim Duncan added 16 points, 13 rebounds, and four blocks. Bowen played pretty good as well with 12 points and was successful about Peja Stojakovic, who only had eight points. And although Kurt Thomas only had four points, no one can belittle his 10 rebounds. Off to the bench was Fabricio Oberto with two points and nine rebounds. Michael Finley also had his share with 11 points. Brent Barry, Ime Udoka, Robert Horry with 3 points, and Jacque Vaughn weren't given enough time to prove themselves. But I know they'd really love to help the team win. The Spurs have three days off to rest and practice for Game 4. I hope they continue winning.

On the Hornets' lineup, only three players were in double figures, namely: Chris Paul with 35 points and nine assists; David West adding 23 points, 12 rebounds, and three blocks; and Tyson Chandler finishing with 12 points and eight rebounds. I respect the Hornets and their coach. They have class just like the Spurs and losing Game 3, I know they'll bounce and bring their A-game on Game 4. “You can slice it any way you want. But they’re not a team you’re going to stop,” said Spurs' coach Gregg Popovich. And yes, the Spurs still don't have the key to stopping CP3.

So, what was the mindset of the Spurs on Game 3? “Today, for us, it was a Game 7," said Spurs G Manu Ginobili. Manu, back as a starter, is a great idea from coach Pop. Of course TP often gets the credit because he's the Spurs pg. And Tim gets most of the critiques - good and bad, because his the captain and the team revolves around him. But Manu, he makes the difference in every game the Spurs' play. He's just so good at what he does and it's his first All-NBA team along with Tim.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nah, Just Voicing Out...

Okay, maybe I'm a bit desperate because the San Antonio Spurs are down 0-2 against the New Orleans Hornets. But I'm very hopeful that the Spurs will go on to win this series. It's just that the Hornets seem to play better than the rest of the Spurs', excluding the BIG Three [they've been hurt on Games 1&2, like emotionally hurt]. I'm not saying that the remaining Spurs were not affected with the 0-2 deficit, the hurt is just doubled because they [Big Three] were the ones on the target board of the Hornets. D'you get what I mean? So, everyone has to step up now and I mean everyone. The Spurs' bench hasn't been contributing much during the past games, even during the Suns-Spurs series. Basketball is about teamwork and that's what the Spurs have to do to win four games against CP3 & Co. That's all I really wanted to say right now. I'm not saying much because I want to sleep early tonight because I'm sure Game 3 will be aired and I am going to watch the replay even if it finishes at midnight. Win or lose, I'm going to watch it. Not even my mom can stop me. [no one can stop actually] =p Peace out!.. >> And is this TRUE? Manu is going to start on Game 3??

Covet the ball, make a shot & skip halftime are the keys to winning against the Hornets.

“They want Tim to be more of a quarterback,” said Spurs guard, Michael Finley.

TOMORROW IS GAME 7 - Manu Ginobili, Spurs guard

"Everybody looks at us as a running team. But we said from Day One, one of our main goals would be to be one of the top five defensive teams in the league. We were able to accomplish that, and that's why we were able to have the season that we had," Hornets coach Byron Scott said.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

KB24 Named MVP

Congratulations to Kobe Bryant, of the Los Angeles Lakers, for achieving the 2007-2008 NBA Most Valuable Player Award. I am not a Kobe fan but I admit that he is great and he truly deserves this award. And he looks very happy. Again, congratulations to him!.. [clap clap clap]

“I can’t thank these guys enough. These are my guys, these are my brothers. Let’s get ready for tomorrow,” said KB24.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

An Upsetting 0-2 Deficit for the Spurs

When the Phoenix Suns-San Antonio Spurs round began, I was half-expecting and half-hoping that the Spurs will win. When the Spurs won Game 2, I was crossing my fingers and saying to myself to just give the Tim Duncan & Co. a win in Arizona. And they won, so, I was very confident that they'll eventually win the series. During the clash between the Suns and the Spurs, I was also checking other round 1 matchups and was particularly looking out for the Dallas Mavericks-New Orleans matchup. My mind was already set that the Hornets will face the Spurs. As far as I know, the CP3-powered Hornets are better than the Suns this season.

I'm not expecting the Spurs to win this series easily because obviously the Hornets are giving them a hard time but I'm very hopeful about them winning this series. =) The Hornets now leads the series to 2-0. That was expected since they have homecourt advantage. But I think there is something or maybe someone in the Hornets lineup that gives me goosebumps everytime I check the live scoreboards. The Spurs weren't looking as sharp as they should've been on the past two games on both ends. CP3 & his allies were just better, faster, younger, and all the positive -er I could ever think of. "We're definitely a little shocked. They are playing extremely well. If one person's not going, someone else is stepping up," said Spurs Kurt Thomas. The hope that the Spurs will come out of 0-2 deficit now depends on their performance at the AlamoDome.

The Spurs have set the bar so high that different NBA teams have drastically changed their lineup just to better matchup against the defending champions. And as I see it now, no other team has matched up really well against the Spurs than the Hornets. I dreaded their 3-point prowess but now they are so good defensively. The Spurs, on the other hand, are struggling on both ends. The Hornets must've really messed up with their rotation and their defensive strategy. The Spur that is obviously suffering from the Hornets' sting is Duncan. Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker aren't their usual selves, too. I think Mr. Mike Finger is right again, some has to step up against this stingy Hornets. Coach Pop and the rest of the Spurs still have a few days to prepare a gameplan before the Hornets pay a visit at the AT&T Center on Thursday. “We’re fine,” said coach Pop regarding Duncan's fever and Ginobili's injury.