Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Hope Manu

What I love about Manu Ginobili is that he remains to be the Manu who's passionate about basketball - about his team. I just hope he stays healthy, so, he'll stay as a Spur for good. “I don't want to miss any more games. I'm a little paranoid,” said the Argentinian icon. It may sound selfish, I just don't want to see Manu wearing other team's jersey. No, I don't even want to think about it.

Check Buck Harvey.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Rondo's Claims Against Paul

Currently, the New Orleans Hornets hangs by a thread with a 1-3 and is fourth at the Southwest division. It was plain to see that the Hornets should be getting worried even if it's just the start of the season. A lot can happen and if Hornets don't do something N-O-W, New Orleans would have to say bye-bye to the playoffs.

But that's not the case with Chris Paul, " Whatever it takes me to do, I’m going to find a way." It's the passion for the game that has got many to like CP3, which Rajon Rondo shares. Their difference is that Rondo has a ring while Paul still aims to have one.

Unsurprisingly, reports said that Rando told CP3 that, "I’ve got a ring, and you’re never gonna win one." Well, that was pretty much unprofessional for our young Celts. To think that he's got their so-called Big Three with him all this time while Paul carried on with what he's got.

Another huge difference that Paul has next to Rondo is humility. You got me all rooting for the Hornets even more with that kind of attitude. Can someone bring Rondo back to Earth? He's probably seeing himself so good. He is good but not as good as Paul is.

Paul was frustrated and worsened because of Rondo's claim. "I’m envious. I’m very envious. Those guys have been where I want to get to. This is my fifth year in the league, and I’m not trying to wait until I’m an old veteran in this league to win a championship. We’re trying to win now," says the Hornets point guard.

The Hornets will win as long as Paul stays and continues to believe that together with his David West, Tyson Chandler, and the rest of the Hornets.

As for Rondo, stay on the ground and watch that attitude before it pulls you down.