Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Game Wrap Up

It's just the beginning of the NBA season and yet, here I am getting too excited about it. There's just a lot going on in the association - changes. Shaq's now with King James, unfortunately it was pretty much a slow start for the Cleveland Cavaliers. [not giving anymore side comments on Shaq] The San Antonio Spurs, however, had a good start against the Byron Scott's Hornets with a 113-96 win.

Tim Duncan clutched nine pts and 12 rebounds, Manu Ginobili with 16 pts, and Tony Parker summed up the game with 17 pts and six assists. Second-round draft DeJuan Blair clinched a double-double of 14 pts and 11 boards. Hornets' Chris Paul wrapped up the game with 26 pts and nine assists. The 2-digit difference of the Spurs with the recovered Hornets says a lot about the team's deeper roster.

That was a good start for the Spurs and I won't get too thrilled about it.

Well, it's definitely going to be a fun season.

Will Shaq help King James get the ring he sooo lost last season because of Superman?

Friday, October 02, 2009

Making A Tag Cloud: The Easy Way

I haven't updated my blog since June and I felt like I have to change things around here. And so I did, but my problem was how to make a tag cloud. I searched for better instructions but found none. Well, I found some handy stuff but not quite handy as this one:

Hope I helped some of you who're trying to look for the easiest way in making a tag cloud. Ciao!