Sunday, December 28, 2008

Missing A Lot

Whoa, it's been what? A month since I posted my last blog post. Can't believe I've been missing a lot of games lately. And that's mostly because I've been sleeping a lot due to my work. [sigh] Oh well, I'm literally back that's what's most important.

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Time Intact said...

Hey Halley, glad you found your way to my new site. You CAN comment: you have to click on whatever post you want to comment on, and it'll take you that individual post's page, and there at the bottom you'll see the comment box. I know what you mean though, from the main site it doesn't show any comment link - I'm working on that right now :p

Oh, and on that Suns-Spurs game, wow, yet another heartbreaker for PHX. They just can't seem to beat San Antonio. The Suns looked like they had control of the whole game, yet again, in the very again, the Spurs OWNED them. Just..WOW. Can you say inferiority complex?