Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rose @ the Garden

The 2009 NBA Playoffs has begun! I'm so stoked. Here is the list of team ups for the first round:

Eastern Conference
  • Cleveland Cavaliers [1-0] v Detroit Pistons [0-1]
  • Boston Celtics [0-1] v Chicago Bulls [1-0]
  • Orlando Magic [0-0] v Philadelphia 76ers [0-0]
  • Atlanta Hawks [0-0] v Miami Heat [0-0]
Western Conference
  • LA Lakers [0-0] v Utah Jazz [0-0]
  • Denver Nuggets [0-0] v New Orleans Hornets [0-0]
  • San Antonio Spurs [0-1] v Dallas Mavericks [1-0]
  • Portland Trailblazers [0-1] v Houston Rockets [1-0]
One of the most surprising game 1's of the first round happened at The Garden. With Kevin Garnett out this entire playoffs due to a knee injury, the Celtics can still pose a threat to the Bulls but not for long. The Bulls have rookie, Derrick Rose around to survive.

With 36 points, 11 assists, and four rebounds, Rose had made it clear that the Bulls have the guns to win against the defending champs. The Celts' Big Three is down to two, however, so there is that 'what-if' that have surely entered the mind of every Celts fan. "What if KG wasn't injured?" Would he have made a difference?

Well, Rose did that's for sure!..

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Anonymous said...

I envy you, you found to be a big fan of NBA.

My dad also loves basketball like NBA, and I hate it for I can never relate to him. And I wonder if I could still. But some players are interesting, which my dad never understand or pretend not to understand.

Although he used to brought me at different places to watch basketball, I never find it interesting that I always feel sleepy in the midst of the yelling crowd. Unless, I spot a Precious one. :g