Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mid-Season Report Card: San Antonio Spurs

Just this previous weekend, I was lucky enough to have watched the Mid-Season report card of the San Antonio Spurs and all other teams in the Western Conference. The three guests were Sekou, 3-D, and Mr Scott [I should've taken note of their full names] and they gave their grades on the San Antonio Spurs.

It was three straight As, which was GREAT news for me. However, I know the Spurs are good offensively this season. The Big Three are sure in their best shapes. But I also know that the Spurs are GREAT defensively. I just hope that that end won't let them lose games come playoffs time.

I so love the Spurs and I want to see them in The Finals. They simply have to bring their A-game on  the defensive end because - defense wins.

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