Thursday, December 01, 2011

It's JaggedCore's 4th Year!

I've been wondering when JaggedCore began. So, I looked up for my very first post here and found this.

Reposting Angels..
Angels.. Come as visions, voices, dreams, coincidences, & intuition, the whisper of knowledge at your ear. They come as animals or other people, or as a wash of peace in an ailing heart. Sometimes a stranger may come up & give you just the information or assistance you need. Sometimes you yourself are used as an angel, for a moment, either knowingly or not, speaking words you did not know you knew.
But sometimes these beings come as angels, in the very form that artists show - as beings of light, both with & without wings.
-Sophy Burnham
Thanks Ruthie for being the first one to comment. :)

Yea, so much have changed.

But I'm glad Built from Scratch is still here.

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