Thursday, April 15, 2010

2010 NBA Playoffs: Injury Over Underdogs

I can’t imagine a NBA Playoffs without the LA Lakers playing. They’re simply good or should I say, Kobe Bryant is just so good at playing basketball. This 2010 NBA Playoffs matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder creates a stir among critics as to whether the Lakers can make it to the championship – again.

Let’s see, Kobe’s not 100% healthy.

But hey, it’s Kobe we’re talking about. He never stops shooting. But his injuries will definitely affect maybe and hopefully a fraction of his usual game style. So, does this mean the Thunder is ruined? I don’t think so. With the excellent shooting skills of Kevin Durant and the rest of the team providing 2nd chance baskets and good defense, the young guns aren’t very short of power showdown.

The tempo will be up with the Thunder’s offensive knack but with the Lakers’ defense, the game will be more interesting to watch. Injuries could blight the Lakers eye for the win but they will eventually move through the first round in 5.


John said...

My personal interest will lean more towards the Dallas/Spurs series as it’s got to be the best of them all. I think the Spurs will win this one in 7 games.

Manu is back, much healthier and perhaps playing his best basketball in like 2 years or so. If there is a time for the Spurs to rise to the occasion, that time is now. They always come alive in the playoffs, to write them is simply at your own peril.

I know Dallas with the Dirk/Kidd combo can do a lot of damage and a lot will be expected for them. But time and time again, come the post season they will seems to choke when it really matters.

That’s just my opinion. It will be a close call between these two but certainly a classic encounter.

ragnar said...

Go Lakers! Lakers will close that in 4!

ley.ann said...

Lakers will win in 5. :p

ragnar said...

Lakers all the way! Champions for this year!