Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 NBA Playoffs: KG's Suspension

The 2010 Playoffs is getting even hotter these days with hot matchups including the East’s Boston Celtics and Miami Heat rivalry. Celtics took Game 1 with a 85-76 win over the Heat. But here’s downside, Kevin Garnett’s not playing for the second game.

I watched the video and I pretty much agree with what Doc Rivers, Celtics Head Coach has said – suspend the retaliator and the agitator. Fair enough.

Tell me if my eyes wasn’t seeing very clearly, I saw Quentin Richardson stir up the situation while KG was busy checking up on Paul Pierce. There was the elbow, but if Richardson didn’t start KG wouldn’t be pushed to his limits. It would’ve just been fair to KG if the association re-viewed the video.

Celtics lead the series to 1-0.

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