Sunday, June 05, 2011

After Game3, Who Will Lead the Series?

Ahh the feeling of excitement during Playoff season sure didn't waver for me even though my beloved team didn't make it.

But going back to reality, Game 3 of The Finals series brings us to Dallas, Texas (not San Antonio) where the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat will battle it out for the lead. The series is now tied to 1-1 with the Mavs having the home court bonus of 3 straight games at the American Airlines Center before going back to South Beach (if necessary of course).

So, who do you think will win? Will it be the Heat? Or the Mavs?

It's fair to say that both teams have played so good during the post season and they've had exciting plays during the regular season. But it was during the second game of theseries that their flaws have been apparent. For the Mavs, it was their inconsistency in moving the ball, lackluster defense, there were a lot of turnovers, and shots that were just too unconfident. For the Heat, it was overconfidence which turned into being lax and brought out an oh-yeah-we-can-win-this-because-we're-the-best attitude, which brought out a big BOO!

Oh yes, the Heat is a great team. And yes, LeBron James is good and so is Dwayne Wade. I admit that. But can they really win this time? Now that the entire Mavs is on them and Nowitzki ever focused in taking home that ring?

It sure ain't over, 'til it's over. :)

Should Dwyane Wade be closing games instead of LeBron James? Is Erik Spoelstra overmatched? Is Chris Bosh overrated? Are these front-running Heat resilient enough to stand strong when the pressure is greatest? Oh, and didn’t these preening narcissists get exactly what they deserved?

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