Thursday, June 02, 2011

Heat-Mavs Series Tied, 1-1

I wasn't really planning on watching Game2 of the Heat-Mavs series. But seeing the frustration mounting from my sister's face just made me.

I thought the game was exciting because both teams we're playing like it was the last. The Heat was attacking the paint and LBJ made faces because he feels like they're winning. And the Mavs getting a lot of turnovers. But its was during the 4th quarter that made the difference. The Heat was confident but they weren't playing consistently in the offensive end. And the Mavs? They continued to play the way they did all throughout the game with less turnovers & some good defense. Way to go Mavs!

Oh and by the way, (for the Heat) if you're going to cheer on each other's shots don't make it look like a celebration.

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Anonymous said...

Dirk and company deserves a ring. Lebron's game improved this season but he needs to mature more emotionally.