Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Celebrities Looking Like Athletes?

I know this is out of my usual NBA stuff but I just couldn't stop myself from posting this because I've really enjoyed watching this and I know you will too.

Harrison Ford and Nick Faldo (Professional Golfer/Golf Analyst)
How about a Han Solo stand-in for Nick Faldo eh?

Jim Carrey and Rick Carlisle (National Basketball Association)
Of course, how was I able to miss this one? Have you noticed the resemblance?

Will Smith and Robert Horry (National Basketball Association)
Wow, they really look alike. Miss Big Shot Rob.

Christian Bale and Homer Bailey (American Major League Baseball)
The eerie similarity between Bale and Bailey left me speechless.

Ron Jeremy and Stan Van Gundy (National Basketball Association)
Gosh, the mustache looks unusually similar. (Goosebumps!)

Want to find more celebrities who likes like a famous athlete, check out my source below. :)


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