Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All-Star Weekend: Big Men Can Dunk

Of the events that happened during the All-Star Weekend, my most anticipated event was the slam dunk competition. Gerald Green, last year's slam dunk champion, was ousted by none other than Superman, [oh sorry], I mean Dwight Howard. I got to watch the slam dunk competition and I was really impressed about the creativity of Dwight Howard. I really love the dunk where he slapped the ball to the board and back to his hand and then the DUNK!! That happened in seconds, so I wasn't really sure if it was a dunk when I first saw it. The replays came and the first word that entered my mind was, "wow!" No wonder the commentator said after "that" dunk, "I'm going home!! Lol!" The Birthday Cake Dunk from Gerald Green was nice but everybody was just waiting for the next dunk from Howard. So, what did you enjoyed most during the All-Star Weekend? Was it the Rookie V Sophomore game? Or was it the East V West game?

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