Friday, February 15, 2008

The Chequered Flag Is Up

This is the time when things get really exciting for me. The NBA All-Star has started and Formula 1 is about to start soon!.. I know it's kinda unusual for a lady like me to be into sports like basketball and car racing, but hey I really enjoy sports! That's what's important, right? I haven't been able to watch Formula 1 last season because of the exciting postseason [NBA, San Antonio Spurs, Finals]. And now that it's about to start, I'll try to keep myself in-the-know about Formula 1. I remember the days of Michael Schumacher whose had 7 championships. He's dominated almost every race which I eventually find boring. Even his brother Ralf couldn't keep up with him. But now that he's retired [that was actually a long time ago] and Ferrari acquired a new set of drivers [Kimi Raikkonen & Felipe Massa], Formula 1 isn't going to be predictable like before.


John said...

I hope this season will be better than the last. Certainly the aftermath of Schumi's retirement didn't had much effects on the popularity of the sport.

I'm going for Ferarri as always. The only sad thing is that there will be no USGP. I always felt that Indianapolis was the best track due to it's oval turning.

This only goes to show that F1 has failed in North America.

Forza Scuderia Ferarri!!!

quarter_mile said...

excited too about the upcoming season. i've always been a fan of mclaren because ferrari is the favorite most of the times..

too bad we got caught cheating last year. lolz.