Thursday, August 21, 2008

Semifinals: A Battlefield

I heard one of the commentators say, "It's everybody's game." I said, "No. It's Argentina's game." And yes! They won! Argentina enters the semifinals after an exhilarating 80-78 win against Greece.

Argentina finally enters the semifinals after defeating Greece - one of Europe's best basketball leagues, in the quarterfinals. The 80-78 win didn't come easy for the Argentines because they were trailing, sometimes by two points and sometimes by one. With the lead changes and scores so close as every minute goes, it was just so hard to determine who is better. And then, the Greeks showed their weak spot – the 3-point area. It was on that arc that the Argentines took advantage of the game and grabbed the lead off the hands of the Greeks. Among the best 3-pointers of the night were Manu Ginobili, with 24 pts, and Carlos Delfino, 23 pts. There’s just one thing that troubles me though with regards to Argentina. I know their good and I love them but they ought to tone down their turnovers, which were mostly caused by their reckless passes. I don’t know if it’s one of their strategies but for me it could cost them a game.

Overall, Argentina is balanced team. They have superb defense. They have great shooters in Luis Scola (TC), Ginobili, Delfino, Andres Nocioni, Pablo Prigioni, and a lot more. But they can’t have a lot of turnovers especially now that they’re in the semifinals and they’re about to face the still-undefeated team USA. And it’s kinda scary that I can’t feel the presence of Kobe Bryant anywhere. I bet KB24’s going to try and bring Argentina down once the game begins.

The Redeem Team [if ever I’ve mentioned Dream Team for the current basketball team of USA on any of my posts, my sincere apologies] of the USA looks so perfect but that’s all because no team has been able to reveal its weakness. Not even the tough Aussies. I just hope the Argentines make the semifinals for the US team harder. From what I can see, Argentina is the team that matches well with team USA. Just please...reduce the turnovers....

Tomorrow, the Beijing Olympic Gymnasium will be a battlefield.

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