Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Really Can't Miss This

Vamos Argentina!

Apart from the fact that they are the defending Olympic Gold Medalists, the Argentines prove to be one of the teams to beat in the 2008 Beijing Olympics Men's Basketball. After throttling the Croatians with their defense, the Argentines finished off Iran to 97-82. The top scorers of the night were Manu Ginobili, with 32 points, and Luis Scola, with 20 points and seven rebounds. Despite the efforts of Iran particularly Hamed Ehadadi, with 21 points and 16 rebounds, it wasn't enough to pull out a win against the Argentines. The Argentines are IN in the quarterfinals but still they have to continue winning. What Juan Pedro Gutierrez have to say is, "Every game is important. We play Russia on Monday and it is important to win that game and avoid finishing fourth. They are European champions and it will be a tough game."

So, what's the fuss about being fourth in Group A in the quarterfinals? Well, it has something to with team USA who is currently on top in Group B. If in case they win against Spain who remains undefeated in Group B, they'll be the ones to face the fourth placer of Group A. I think teams from Group B should also worry about Greece, who lost against USA and Spain. And if the current standings don't change in both groups, Argentina will be the likely foe of the Greeks and that's the match that I really can't miss. Vamos Argentina!

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John said...

What a great day it was for Argentina? Our basketball team overcame a resilience Iranian side. Manu & Scola are the real deal here. When both of them switch into next gear, there's no stoppong our basketball team.

The Las Leonas showed their class against Germany. Finally the real La Maga Aymar has arrived and she can keep uo this momentum, maybe just maybe our precious gold is on the way.

Then the football side end it on high note for the Albiceleste. Watch by Diego Maradona, Messi proves to the great one that what a great player he is.

So what do you think about all this? Do you think the Albiceleste do stand a chance to bring home the gold medal? Would like to hear some comments from you on my blog.