Thursday, December 06, 2007

2 games at the AT&T Center

Even though I wasn't able to watch the game, I know that the game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks is a close game. Manu Ginobili's so hot with 37 pts [season high] and with 6 assists. Coach Avery Johnson of the Mavericks made some changes on his roster, putting Jason Terry back on the starting lineup. And so did coach Gregg Popovich [Spurs], putting Manu Ginobili back in the starting lineup. From what I've read, the crowd went loud when Manu came in as a starter. Duncan, on the other hand, sat on the courtside watching as his teammates lash the Mavericks. During the 1st half, the Mavs were up by 7 points but that lead was trimmed down during the 3quarter as the Spurs' offense woke up from a slumber. [which they usually do] Then, the Spurs had the lead and the Mavs weren't able to catch up. Sorry sister. [she's a BIG fan of the Mavs esp of Dirk Nowitzki] She wouldn't believe me that the Mavs won't win against the Spurs especially that they're playing at the AT&T Center. Hahaha!! Better luck next time sis!.. =P

"He [Manu Ginobili] was the hot man, and everything we threw at him he took advantage of." - Jason Terry, Dallas Mavericks

The next game of the San Antonio Spurs will still be at the AT&T Center against their Western Conference rival [last season], the Utah Jazz. Hmm. I'm not really excited about this game. Why? Because I find the Jazz dull that's all. I'm not saying the Jazz ain't good, they're actually playing much better now compared to the last time they played against the Spurs. The Spurs are the Jazz's nemesis? Really? Then, let Boozer-Williams & Co. bring it on at the AT&T Center this Fri. The Spurs are now 11-0 at home, let's see if the Jazz could change it to 11-1.


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