Friday, December 28, 2007


31.9 is the number that initially registered in my mind & I find the thought of it very awful. Extremely awful. The San Antonio Spurs [20-8] lost to the Toronto Raptors [16-4] 83-73 and they were shooting only 31.9 percent plus 19 turnovers. Now, the Spurs got their second loss at home [15-2]. Tim Duncan got a double-double 16 pts and 13 rebounds and add 5 turnovers [great eh! grrhh]. And Tony Parker? He's got 15 pts, "only" 7 turnovers, & 4 assists. Michael Finley had 20 pts, Bruce Bowen got 7 pts, Matt Bonner gave up 10 pts, while Ime Udoka posted 5 pts. Technical fouls were called on Tim Duncan, Matt Bonner, & Gregg Popovich, who was ejected with only 5:59 minutes left during the 4th quarter.

"They're a good basketball team. They're the defending world champs. And we beat them on this floor," Mitchell said. The Raptors had their Bargnani in the starting lineup. The Raptors leading scorer was the ace 3-pointer Jason Kapono. Jose Calderon put up 14 pts 7 rebounds, & 5 assists. And Andrea Bargnani got 11 pts and 3 blocks. Chris Bosh was silent with 10 pts & 9 rebounds. The Spurs-Raptors game is one of the lowest scoring percentage of the Spurs. "I think they were looking for some calls they didn't get. For us, we want it to be a situation where the ball is getting poked loose and guys are coming all over the place." - Kris Humphries, Toronto Raptors

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