Monday, December 03, 2007

I Like Magic

The Orlando Magic, the East's Spurs? Whoa! Wait a minute, last season people were talking about the Cavs as the East's Spurs and now the Magic? I watched the Cavs fall for the Spurs and as far as I have seen the Cavs are no Spurs. Don't get me wrong here, the Cavs are good but they don't really play "D" like the Spurs do. If you ask my opinion about the Magic as the East's Spurs, yea maybe they are [a bit!] and that's mostly because of Dwight Howard. I don't like Dwight Howard's gut at first, but when I saw him play against the Phoenix Suns I say he's pretty good! I don't know how to better explain what I saw because the Magic really put up a tough play against Nash & Co.

Dwight Howard's offensive and defensive plays are really impressive, he just keeps on swatting balls [how awful is that?], getting rebounds, and has double-doubles. Dwight Howard has gotten better after joining Team USA and so has Orlando Magic. I just can't think of what must've Grant Hill felt about his former teammates playing better [15-4] after leaving Orlando. Right now, I like the way Orlando Magic is playing. So, let's us just see if they make it to the Playoffs.

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