Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Showdown

The King and the Big Fundamental face off at the AT&T Center today. The Cleveland Cavaliers [20-18] faces the San Antonio Spurs [25-11] first time this season after they were swept during last season's NBA finals. So, how will King James & Co. win? Now that the Spurs are finally complete. We'll find out soon!.. ;-)

The Phoenix Suns [26-12] visits the Staples Center to attempt a win against LA Lakers [26-11]. If the Suns win, then, they're back to top. But if they lose, they'll stay 2nd to the Lakers in the Pacific div and probably 5th in Western Conference [pls, correct me if i'm wrong]. The last time the Suns faced the Lakers, they lost. Will the Suns turn it over this time? Or, will KB24 carry the Lakers to a win even without Andrew Bynum?

Another game that everybody should check out today is the clash between "the neighbors," Utah Jazz [22-17] and Denver Nuggets [22-15]. The Jazz are playing better defense now, but will they be able to execute that big "D" well to the fast-paced style of the Nuggets?


"The Spurs did a great job of loading and building a crowd behind Bruce as he contained me," LeBron James said.

"Our offense let us down and we couldn't stop [Clippers guard Sam Cassell]. Give them credit, they defended well. Our offense, for whatever reason, just wasn't clicking at all, and we just didn't play well." - Mike D'Antoni, Suns coach, on Clippers-Suns game

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John said...

Spurs won!!! Spurs won!!!

Finally they got it right this time.

Halley, just incase you had watch the game why don't you give some insight to it.

I'll apreciate that very much