Thursday, January 31, 2008

Spurs Visit The Valley Of The Sun

I don't want to watch the game between the San Antonio Spurs [28-16] and the Phoenix Suns [33-13] because I might curse the fans. Nah! Just kidding!.. The Spurs visit the Suns tomorrow. Suns fans are still outraged with the Spurs because of what happened during the Western Conference semis. I'm not sure if the Spurs will win this game. They [Spurs] lack offensive edge on their previous games and Tony Parker, I'm guessing, will be out with an injury. Plus, the Suns have h-o-m-e-c-o-u-r-t advantage and the fans will no doubt "boo" the Spurs esp Robert Horry. But I don't think it'll really bother Big Shot Rob. "It won't bother me a bit," Robert Horry on the upcoming Suns game. The Spurs have lost three games in a row and it's really starting to worry me because I don't know how they'll win against the Suns. Grrh!

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LeoneL said...

they've got timmy. :D sure, the suns look unbeatable but i think the spurs can do it.

i got leandro barbosa on my fantasy lineup, although as a reserve only, so i think i'll be rooting for the spurs. hope they win so that i won't regret putting barbosa on the reserve list.. hehehe