Thursday, January 24, 2008

Surprise Surprise!

The truth hasn't sinked in yet. The Toronto Raptors [23-19] defeated the Boston Celtics [33-7] to 114-112! The difference my only be two points but for the Raptors it's one great win against the top Eastern Conference contender. I wonder what's going on on the Celtics locker room? Hmm. Let's get down to the numbers, okay. 5 Celtics are in double-figures which include Kevin Garnett [26 pts], Paul Pierce [19 pts], Ray Allen [19 pts], Tony Allen [15 pts], and Rajon Rondo [14 pts]. On the other side of the court, comes Chris Bosh and Anthony Parker each with 23 pts. Jose Calderon ate something really good for he had 24 pts and 13 assists, his season-high I guess. Carlos Delfino also poured in 15 pts for the Raptors win against the Celtics 114-112. "It was really important to beat them - so we could see if we could. We knew how to play them after already playing them three times.'' - Jose Calderon

"We're better." - Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers

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