Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spurs Finish Off the Suns

The San Antonio Spurs are off to the Western Conference semi-finals and the Phoenix Suns playoffs race ends at the Alamo City. With all the emotions happening inside the Alamodome, Game 5 of the Suns-Spurs series felt like it was the NBA Finals. Tony Parker reacted very well against the Spurs pouring in 31 points, while Tim Duncan added 29 points and 17 boards. Manu Ginobili who only had 8 points but has made two of the most important foul shots of the game. It was a game truly deserved by the defending champions. The next game of the Spurs will be on Saturday against the New Orleans Hornets.

“I can’t believe that was a first-round matchup. I’m thrilled it’s over," said Gregg Popovich of Game 5. Yea, even I can't believe that was first-round matchup. The intensity of the Suns is just overwhelming sometimes that the Spurs need to match that same intensity on each and every game. But it is the fourth time the Suns are ousted by the Spurs from the playoffs. I know it will hurt them even more, but that's just the way a game goes, either you win or you lose. This time, the Suns lose again. The Dallas Mavericks are quite on the same page as the Suns, as they were ousted by the Hornets 4-1. So,the end is here for the Suns and Mavs who've made big acquisitions during the midseason. For the Suns it was Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks for O'neal. And for the Mavs, it was Jason Kidd in exchange for Devin Harris and DeSagana Diop. As for the fate of the two coaches, Mike D'Antoni [Suns] and Avery Johnson [Suns], I really have no idea what will happen to them. The New York Knicks, however, are showing their interest on D'Antoni.

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