Monday, April 28, 2008

I Have No Doubts

Fuel - it is what the San Antonio Spurs needed to win Game 5 and the Phoenix Suns gave it to them on Game 4. Of course, Steve Nash & Co. were embarrassed after the Game 3 loss to the Spurs, which was like a smack on the face. And so, retribution came upon the Suns' 105-86 win against the NBA defending champions yesterday. Sure, the Suns are pumped up in winning at the AT&T Center, but it was more than fuel that they gave to the Spurs. It is the feeling of wanting to take back what's been taken away. Sure, I saw Parker and Duncan smiling as the Orange Dome echoed with boos. They were just actually taking it all in. The Spurs aren't the type of team who drools over their failures, they accept it. They don't usually give up especially if they know, they still have a lot more to give. They accept each and every challenge given to them as a team. Pop does not need to tell or remind everyone on the team about what to do on Tuesday. The Spurs will win this series, I have no doubt about that.

“They had a great reaction. Now, it's time for our reaction,” said the Spurs' Frenchman, Tony Parker.

Boris Diaw outshined Shaquille O'neal during Game 4. But who would have thought, O'neal woke up at the right side of the bed and contribute 14 points and 12 boards to the Suns. He was great, I admit. But I'm not taking back what I said about him that he was a mistake. And oh by the way, I hope he always puts his feet on the ground.

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