Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Dramatic Victory of the Spurs

Before I tell you what I really wanted to say, I wanna say my cheers to Manu Ginobili in achieving the 6th Man Award this season. There's no doubt that he's going to take that award. "I really don't feel there is a lot of difference between a sixth man and a starter. It depends on the situation. It depends on what the coach wants at that part of the season. So I just consider myself a player; a team player. This year, it was more important for me to come from the bench, so I try to do it the best I can. At this time, I guess it works. I got an award, and the team is doing good. That is the importance of the whole thing," said Ginobili. That statement was deep and I'm diggin' it!.. Vamos Manu!

Okay, I missed a lot of action during the start of playoffs because I was away for a week. But I didn't dare miss Game 1 of the Phoenix Suns-San Antonio Spurs series. Yes, I've watched that game and I've seen that nerve-wracking 3 pointer from Tim Duncan and the game-winning shot from Manu. And yes, I was very happy they won. But even though the Spurs won, I knew that the Spurs had a real hard time keeping up with the Suns lead. And I do agree with Duncan saying that the Game 1 of the Suns-Spurs series felt like the Finals. I know they [Spurs] have homecourt advantage, but I also know that the Suns are "hungrier" for that ring. It's what drives Nash & Co. to do their best. The Spurs can't afford to slumber anymore during the first half. I hope they show that same intensity during the two overtimes during Game 1. Today, the Suns visit the AT&T Center again and hopefully the Spurs get past them. [crossed-fingers]

For the Detroit Pistons who just lost Game 1 to the Philadelphia 76ers, I know and I am sure that they'll win that series. =)

"They looked at film, we looked at film, everybody goes and looks at film. You just try to get it as perfect as you can be, I guess," said coach Gregg Popovich of the Suns-Spurs 7-game series.

Steve Nash is probably one of the best point guards in the NBA, ever. He has superb vision and his passing skills are terrific. And his always giving it all on each and every game. I mean, the guy just don't get tired of running. But does everything he gives enough to keep the Suns alive to get the Phoenix Suns to the Finals?

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