Monday, April 28, 2008

Suns' Flame of Hope Still Alive

3-1? I knew it would happen. The Phoenix Suns are not the type of team who likes losing especially to the team that kept from getting the ring, they so wanted. They've had the biggest trade of season, replacing Shawn Marion for the Shaquille O'Neal. During Game 4, the Suns showed the Spurs who and where they're playing against. This time, the Suns were the ones who never trailed and the Spurs were locked down to just 82 points. Boris Diaw, a good friend of Spurs' Tony Parker, hit a lot of jumpers and were just plainly great right from the start of the game. “He was phenomenal,” D’Antoni said of Diaw's outstanding game 4 performance.

Game 4 was like the turnaround of game 3, this time the Suns owned the game. I guess, they learned from the past. “I was just embarrassed. I was really, really embarrassed at how I played and how my team played, and I couldn’t sleep,” Raja Bell said of the Suns embarassing loss to the Spurs on Game 3. Amidst all the boos from Planet Orange, the Spurs kept their cool and despite the loss, I still felt a tinge of confidence from them especially from the Big Three and Big Shot Rob. “I don’t mind being public enemy No. 1 here,” Robert Horry said. Now, the Spurs are going back to San Antonio and I bet the Alamodome is going to be as loud as ever. Go Spurs!.. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that the Spurs dominate game 5.

“If the Suns lose this series, D'Antoni is on the brink of termination as the Suns' coach

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