Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Suns Need a Miracle

The next theme: Win Sunday, and set ourselves up for a miracle. Give ourselves a chance. Why not?" -- Mike D'Antoni, Phoenix Suns coach

I was definitely super happy yesterday because the San Antonio Spurs have taken a 3-0 lead against the Phoenix Suns after winning Game 3, 115-99. The Suns had homecourt advantage and my goodness, they really have a loud crowd!.. But they never took a lead during the game. They played great defense at the paint, but Tony Parker was just all over the place, hitting jumper after jumper. TP was simply flawless during Game 3 and made a career-high 41 points. Manu Ginobili, who was always "heavily-guarded" by Raja Bell, finished with 20 points. He actually scores 20+ points even with Bell hanging around with him. And the birthday boy, Tim Duncan chippped with 23 points and 10 rebounds. Everybody on the Spurs' lineup had their fair share of the victory. Fab Oberto, who came off the bench, had six points and a block. Kurt Thomas, a former Suns, scored nine points. Bruce Bowen did an amazing job of containing Steve Nash. Game 3 was simply a display of the Spurs' excellence, offensively and defensively.

On the gloomy side of the Suns, Amare Stoudemire stood out with 28 points and 11 rebounds. Next to him was Leandro Barbosa finishing Game 3 with 20 points. Nash wasn't his usually sunny self with only seven points and nine assists. The Suns have fallen way behind the Spurs. They're on the brink of elimination and this is definitely not what Suns fans want especially after the Shawn Marion-Shaquille O'neal trade. I honestly think that O'neal isn't doing what he has to be doing. If Marion was still playing for the Suns, the team wouldn't have a huge whole on their defense. And I've read an article where O'neal mentioned that defense wins games. What is he talking about?! It sounded like he lost his confidence to his teammates. My apologies, but Steve Kerr made the wrong choice with regards to O'neal. He was a huge mistake, period. If the Suns win Sunday, they'll need to win two more to even out the series.

Now, all the Suns need is a miracle to happen this Sunday, just like what Suns coach Mike D'Antoni said to his team, "'Win Sunday. Set ourselves up for a miracle.'"

>>The Spurs are beating Phoenix in the way Phoenix used to win. by J.A. Adande

“I don’t know much about baseball. But I know that story,” said Ginobili after thinking about the historic 2004 Boston Red Sox' victory over the New York Yankees.


coach said...

4:00 PM linggo--->the 'milagro' is happening right now as i write this comment ....

Time Intact said...

I'm watching the Suns game 4 right now, and they have come out on fire...much like my Raptors in game 3 in their home win. Then in game 4, they didn't come out with that same attitude and lost, like the Suns' game 3. It's almost impossible but I hope the Suns can comeback with a miracle, and the Raptors too. Cool background in your blog by the way.