Friday, May 16, 2008

The Semis is Almost Over

The end of the conference is near and eight teams are still vying for spots in the Conference Finals. Okay, I mean there are only seven teams vying for the Conference Finals because the Detroit Pistons already had a spot after winning the series 4-1 against the Orlando Magic. The other Eastern Conference series is still on going with the Boston Celtics leading 3-2 against King James and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers. You know what I think? I think the Celtics will win this series, KG is very determined to win the ring and he knows that Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and everyone wearing the green jersey, shares that same attitude. King James is young with a lot more to learn. But I don't he has the perfect combination of Knights to help him earn the sweetest victory a NBA player could achieve.

Let's go to the toughest Western Conference semis I've seen. The LA Lakers are a game away from achieving a spot in the conference finals with a 3-2 lead. But I don't think the Utah Jazz is ready to give up. I think anyone who's watched the Jazz play last year during the conference finals against the San Antonio Spurs can really tell that the team has improved a lot - particularly Mehmet Okur. Yes, Okur was pretttty boring last season but now?? He's playing great and I can't put into words what I feel whenever I see him make shot after shot. It's still very unbelievable for me. [with sarcasm] KB24 isn't feeling 100 percent okay, but I don't think it'll stop him from reaching his goal and that is to win the NBA Finals. As for the Spurs-New Orleans Hornets series, which is now tied to 3-3, there were no excuses made and both teams have played their hearts out. But definitely, I'm going for the Spurs. I know some might think that they're old and they can't win against the young and stingy Hornets. I really don't care. I love the Spurs. And I know they enjoy playing against the Hornets despite the sleepless nights of coach Popovich and Manu Ginobili's incredible willpower after each loss. [Go Argentina!! << for the Beijing Olympics] I also salute the Hornets for playing outstanding basketball! David West really caught my attention and I kinda like him because at a young age, he's become a very versatile player just like his idol David Robinson, which ironically is a former Spur and who also played with Tim Duncan.


Lisa said...

It's looking pretty good for the Spurs tonight Halley. These game sevens can be fairly brutal though. I think the vetern teams always have the edge - experience helps when it's down to the wire. I'm expecting the Spurs to take it.

Yaj Nitsuga said...

Thanks for posting on my blog...and I would be honored if you added me to your blog roll.

Tough series and much props to the Hornets. I love Chris Paul's game and thought he deserved the MVP this year.

But as a long time Spur fan I'm glad they managed to take Game 7 and the series 4-3.

halley said...

i thought the game was going for an overtime, whew!.. so, it's going to be a spurs-lakers series on the Western Conference Finals. i'm very sure that it's going to be an exciting series. i'm also loving the matchup for the Eastern Conference Finals. i'm definitely going for the Detroit Pistons and the San Antonio Spurs. =)

Yaj, i've already added you to my blog roll and Lisa's as well.

Lisa said...


I wasn't sure if you read what I wrote back to you in the comments of my site but I was happy to add your site to my blogroll and thanks for adding mine to yours.

Congrats on your Spurs making the western finals and for cheering on our Pistons!