Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spurs in BIG Trouble

Try to imagine someone writing from a computer with keys almost popping out from the keyboard. That's definitely how I'm typing as I write this entry. I'm disappointed, sad, frustrated, and everything negative that a fan could feel whenever his/her favorite team loses. Good news to all Lakers fans though, Kobe and his squad just crushed the Spurs to a 93-91 win at the Alamodome, getting the lead to 3-1. Kobe Bryant finished the game with 28 points and 10 boards. Lamar Odom sits next to KB24 as the second best scorer of the game adding 16 points and nine rebounds. Pau Gasol, who came to the Lakers to seek for a championship, contributed 10 points and 10 rebounds. Good job for the Lakers.

The series was almost done for the Spurs as the last seconds winded down during the fourth quarter of Game 4. The Spurs have done their best and I know that they're feeling more frustrated and pressured more than ever. Imagine trying to win three straight games and two of those has to come from the Staples Center. Tim Duncan with 29 points also had 17 rebounds, while Tony Parker and Brent Barry added 23 points each. Barry's 3-point shot could've made the difference but the shot didn't came and the buzzer sounded and Game 4 was over for the Spurs. Manu Ginobili clearly wasn't himself with seven points and six assists. The Spurs are now down to 1-3 against the Lakers. The Spurs are on the verge of extinction, which slowly takes all the hope in me. I wonder how the Staples Center would look like in Game 5. What I do know right now is that the Spurs are in BIG trouble when they visit Hollywood.


John said...

Oh No!!! My worst fear when this series started has now become a reality.

I had my fair share of concern on whether Spurs old bodies were willing to give in for another tough series.

Manu was extremely aweful and I feel very sorry for him that he can't do much to avoid this defeat.

It's not over yet and almost looks like it, unless as true Champions they can bounce back from this.

I will question the team morale at the moment. After all they did had Game 1 in their hands and they lost it!!!

We'll just have to see how.

Anyway, your thought on the game....

Anonymous said...

Seems like the Lakers are the strongest team in the West. Read somewhere that the Spurs have the experience.That's what's makes them automatic contenders for the playoffs.Then there lies the problem. The same article I read somewhere suggest that Spurs' experience blurs the line of old age. The triumvirate of Spurs rely on two aging stars. These are 30something guys, and is this one reason why Spurs can't cope up with the much energetic Lakers? (feel free to correct me or am I pointing the obvious.)

John said...

Well I supposed the writing was on the wall after Game 4. I can't deny that but I'm going to say that the main reason Spurs lost is because they've just WASTED TOO MANY CHANCES.

The dominance that they have shown during the Suns was never there to be seen.

So, we will just jave to look forward to next season. After they did before, they can do it again, right?

Of course, next season I'll be looking at the arrival of Tiago Splitter. I hear he is an excellent player from Brazil but based in Spain.

Overall it has been a exciting season to watch. I've enjoyed all the chat we had.

Now both Manu & Oberto can look forward to the Olympics.

Of course you opinion about the game is always welcomed...

Lisa said...

I'm sorry Halley about your Spurs - I understand what you mean, after cheering on a team all year it is very disappointing, especially when you believe they could have done it.

It'll be interesting to see what changes they make before next season.