Thursday, May 22, 2008

Game 1 Goes to the Lakers

Yes, I know the LA Lakers won 89-85 against the San Antonio Spurs. And I also know that KB24 is this season's MVP, so, I'm don't wonder why he got 27 points and nine assists for the Game 1 win. "I knew I could make a push and once I made that push, it felt like it energized us a little bit, get the game back under control, get it under 10 where we knew we could be in striking distance," said Lakers' G Bryant. Next to Kobe Bryant on scoring is Pau Gasol with 19 points and seven boards. Derek Fisher only had four points and was cursed with five personal fouls, the reason for his 29-minute playing time. On the side of the silver and black jersey, it was Tim Duncan who dominated the scoreboards with 30 points and 18 rebounds. Tony Parker who only had 18 points had 10 rebounds to pull it off for his team. But I think it wasn't enough to steal one game from the Staples Center. Manu Ginobili, obviously, wasn't in perfect rhythm scoring only 10 points and four turnovers. Was he one of the Spurs who slept on the plane? The Spurs lost but I'm sure they'll definitely get back in Game 2. “We had a great opportunity and didn’t take advantage of it,” Gregg Popovich said. Game 1 was close and it will get even closer as the series continues.

The road to the Western Conference finals for the Lakers was easy. First, Kobe has to eliminate the combo named Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson. The series was way to easy for the Lakers, imagine sweeping the Denver Nuggets 4-0. It wasn't really a shocker. Round 2, KB24 faced a more challenging opponent - the Utah Jazz. But even with the combination Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, and Mehmet Okur, the Jazz fell short against the Lakers. This win gave the Lakers the ticket to the Western Conference finals. But during that time, the Spurs were still battling a make-or-break series against the stinging New Orleans Hornets. In the end, it was the pride of AlamoCity who ended up victorious.

If the Lakers had the easiest road to the Western Conference finals, for the Spurs it was the opposite. First round and the Spurs have to eliminate one of their toughest rivals, the Phoenix Suns. We all what happened to these two teams last seasons. And I think up to now, the Suns' fans aren't over yet with Robert Horry's hipcheck on Steve Nash. But the series was tougher for the Suns after being ousted by the Spurs to 4-1. Then, on the second round the problem for the Spurs continued with CP3 and the Hornets very eager to get into the Finals. It was definitely one of the toughest series I've watched which went to a grueling Game 7. Despite the homecourt advantage of the Hornets on Game 7, the Spurs still won 91-82. And what awaits the Spurs in the conference finals is another trouble with a leader named MVP this season.

Game 1 was a proof on how exciting the Lakers-Spurs series is going to be. The game was pretty close and it's going to continue that way until Game 7. Go Spurs!


Melvin said...

I thought LA is gonna falldown that i quickly turned the TV off n the third quarter... Good win by LA>

Lisa said...

This one caught me by surprise I have to say. I saw the Spurs up by 20 and thought okay, they've got it and when I flipped back to the game LA had won. The Spurs will bounce but Kobe has played through injuries and I think he's particularly driven to capture it. The Spurs edge is that they've won it all together, same guys, before.

Yaj Nitsuga said...

I was sick after that game...Spurs should have had that one up 20 in the 3rd. I hope it was just fatigue and not a melt down.

Halley - I hope you don't mind that I added a link to your blog on mine.