Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nah, Just Voicing Out...

Okay, maybe I'm a bit desperate because the San Antonio Spurs are down 0-2 against the New Orleans Hornets. But I'm very hopeful that the Spurs will go on to win this series. It's just that the Hornets seem to play better than the rest of the Spurs', excluding the BIG Three [they've been hurt on Games 1&2, like emotionally hurt]. I'm not saying that the remaining Spurs were not affected with the 0-2 deficit, the hurt is just doubled because they [Big Three] were the ones on the target board of the Hornets. D'you get what I mean? So, everyone has to step up now and I mean everyone. The Spurs' bench hasn't been contributing much during the past games, even during the Suns-Spurs series. Basketball is about teamwork and that's what the Spurs have to do to win four games against CP3 & Co. That's all I really wanted to say right now. I'm not saying much because I want to sleep early tonight because I'm sure Game 3 will be aired and I am going to watch the replay even if it finishes at midnight. Win or lose, I'm going to watch it. Not even my mom can stop me. [no one can stop actually] =p Peace out!.. >> And is this TRUE? Manu is going to start on Game 3??

Covet the ball, make a shot & skip halftime are the keys to winning against the Hornets.

“They want Tim to be more of a quarterback,” said Spurs guard, Michael Finley.

TOMORROW IS GAME 7 - Manu Ginobili, Spurs guard

"Everybody looks at us as a running team. But we said from Day One, one of our main goals would be to be one of the top five defensive teams in the league. We were able to accomplish that, and that's why we were able to have the season that we had," Hornets coach Byron Scott said.

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