Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lakers Victorious Over the Spurs

The LA Lakers dominated in the Staples Center with a 101-71 victory against the San Antonio Spurs. "The building was electric and we just kept it going,” said Jordan Farmar. Kobe Bryant was definitely himself with 22 points. Lamar Odom, who said he didn't played well in Game 1, had a superb game finished with 20 points and 12 boards. "I just try to fit a role and find my niche and find my lane," said Odom. The Lakers' bench were productive, too, with Farmar contributing 14 points along with Sasha Vujacic and Luke Walton with seven points apiece. "The past, maybe, week and a half, I've been feeling really good about my game," said Farmar.

On the Spurs' side, well, no one was actually feeling Game 2. Tony Parker had 13 points, Tim Duncan with 12 points, and Manu Ginobili [back to being the 6th Man] only scored seven points. Honestly, I really have no idea what happened to my Spurs. They were literally outscored by the Lakers in three quarters and again they were in the exact spot they were in during the series against the Hornets, which is to be down by 0-2. “We are going to go home and one of two things are going to happen. We are either going to make this a series, or not,” said Duncan.

“I think they might have had some tired legs,” said Lakers' coach Phil Jackson. They probably had tired legs but they can't make any excuses now, it's the conference finals. “We knew (fatigue) would catch up this game, not last game. We thought our last game was our best shot to get something here, to just dig down and go after it. Obviously, we didn't get that done,” said Popovich.

After losing two straight games to the Lakers, the Spurs are heading back to AlamoCity to try and win Games 3 & 4, which I really hope they get. Again, Games 3 & 4 are make-or-break games.

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