Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spurs Tie the Series to 3-3

Yes!! The San Antonio Spurs won 99-80 against New Orleans Hornets. The series is now tied to 3-3 and the Spurs go back to the New Orleans Arena. Game 7 will definitely be one-heck-of-a-game. The Spurs who dominated was Tim Duncan, with 20 points and 15 rebounds, and Manu Ginobili scoring 25 points. Tony Parker was subtle with only 15 points. Ime Udoka and Kurt Thomas helped boost the Spurs' bench. Udoka with 13 points and Thomas with nine boards. The Spurs' 2nd-Half Syndrome was gone. In fact, they outscored the Hornets during the 2nd half. Bravo!.. On the Hornets side, David West came out of the game because of back problems, leaving him with only 10 points and 6 rebounds. Chris Paul had 21 points and eight assists. The second leading scorer for the Hornets was Tyson Chandler adding 14 points and followed by Peja Stojakovic with 13 points one of which was a 3-points.

Of course, the Spurs played better at home but they were just a game away from being eliminated by the Hornets. They can't afford to lose, not on Game 6 and definitely not on Game 7. The last game is a few days away, so, both teams can rest. The Spurs need to take advantage of this time off to close this series with them at the top. The Hornets are tough at home and this is the "real" Game 7 and the only way to the Western Conference Finals where the LA Lakers or probably the Utah Jazz will be waiting. [with fingers crossed] The Spurs will win this series.

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John said...

This is the main reason why they are the defending champion. If not none of this would have been possible.

I have to admit that I had my fair share of doubts before the game. But in the end, this is what Spurs will always do. Raise their bar when everyone least expect them to do so.

I'm extremely happt that the biggest contributor was Manu. He was just sensantional.

If there is one player that the Spurs would need to inspire them in Game 7, in my mind it has to be Obi Wan Ginobili.

But lets forget the Hornets will not give in easily. On their turf they play like they are the Champion. It will be extremely difficult for the Spurs in NO.

Anyway, I've posted my own review of the game. I would love to hear your thoughts/opinions of the game as well.....

And most certainly, a speedy recovery to David West.