Saturday, May 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home

KB24 is M-V-P. So, what?! The LA Lakers won't easily get a win at the EnergySolutions Arena where the Utah Jazz rule. And they [Jazz] have really proven that with a 104-99 win against the Lakers on Game 3. Carlos Boozer provided a stunning double-double with 27 points and 20 boards [I think he's turned into a monster]. "I tried to stop thinking so much out there. My teammates were waiting for a big game out of me and I was too," said Boozer. Mehmet Okur [??] added 22 points with Deron Williams following him with 18 points and 12 assists. The Jazz definitely played their best. And the EnerySolutions' crowd? They're much like the crowd of Planet Orange [Phoenix Suns], they're very LOUD! The reason why I still have a question mark on Okur was because he wasn't brilliant on last season's playoffs. I just can't believe that it's really him that's playing exceptionally well or just a doppelganger. I really don't know. Despite the Jazz' win, the Lakers still lead the series to 2-1. I'd love to see the Jazz win this series and the Spurs too.

But as far as I can see KB24 & Co. are giving the Jazz a hard time specially during the first two games. “We competed very hard, much better than we did over there," said Jazz coach, Jerry Sloan. So, basically the Jazz are experiencing what the Spurs are going through. But what can I say, the four teams that are left in the Western Conference semis are among the best this season. It's just amazing how tough the West is and that the top four teams are the ones left vying to get to the Finals.

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Ragnar said...

KB24 is M-V-P. So, what?!
That's what you call bitterness. Give credit where credit is due. For all the spite and hate that has been thrown at KB, you've got to admit that he's talented. Spurs @2-2? hahaha. Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger!