Monday, May 26, 2008

"It's almost like zero-zero now." - Ray Allen, Celtics

The Boston Celtics arrived at the Palace with the notion that the Detroit Pistons will sweep them two game in a row. But that didn't happen when the Celts won Game 3 over the Bad Boys. The Celts eventually got the 2-1 against and feeling confident about making another one in Auburn Hills. Well, not for too long because the Pistons would never allow such feat and so the Pistons fueled themselves to win, which they successfully did. The Palace rejoiced as their Pistons lashed the Celts with a 94-75 win, getting the series to 2-2. Good news for all Pistons fans.

What's amazing about Game 4 was that none of the usual top scorers of the Pistons took the top spot. The spot was taken by none other than Antonio McDyess, who finished with 21 points and 16 rebounds. He was followed by Rip Hamilton who scored 20 points while Rasheed Wallace and Jason Maxiel each had 14 points. McDyess was the star player on Game 4. I've always admired him, he just didn't have that much minutes to really prove his worth and now he's done it. Well done McDyess, you've carried your team to a crucial win this series.

While the Palace celebrated, the Kevin Garnett and the Celtics just felt the gravity of the situation of losing a road-game against an opponent like the Pistons. KG and Paul Pierce only 16 points apiece. Ray Allen wasn't feeling his rhythm that much with only 11 points. During the course of the playoffs, I noticed that Allen isn't helping his team that much. Is he injured? Is feeling unwell? Does he have early vacation plans? If he continues to be that way, KG and Pierce will need to find another backup. Don't ever think of Sam Cassell being moved to the starter because I don't think he'll be of any help at all. "They didn't play great. Kevin had shots that he normally makes, and he didn't make them. I just thought he didn't have shots when we wanted him to get the ball. He had elbow jumpers, not in the post," said Doc Rivers, Celts coach. But for the Pistons' coach Flip Saunders, “I thought this game was called very differently than any other game in the playoffs. There were a lot of ticky-tack fouls called.”


John said...

I've said before that the Boston have not been really tested until the post season has started.

I'll admit it was a good win in Detroit but the Pistons did the same at the Garden as well.

Something tells me that Need4Sheed, Rip & the Gang are going to pull this one.

Back to the Spurs/Lakers series, I'm still deep fear about the prospect losing Game 4, Halley. I realy do...

salvatore said...

Hello , i'm from Italy , i'm fan of the San Antonio Spurs.

Anonymous said...

Aww..Spurs lost. See ya next season, Spurs.