Monday, May 26, 2008

How Good is He?

How good is KB24 in playing basketball? If only I have a measuring device to determine how good he is, I wouldn't have a hard time figuring it out. But What I do know is Kobe is so good that basketball becomes so easy when he's playing. I am definitely not a fan of Kobe Bryant, I just can't help but be amazed with the way he's played basketball and I think he's changed a lot. He's not the Kobe that has a glue on hand, where the ball just sticks with him throughout the game and him scoring more than half of his team's score. It simply seemed to me that the Kobe who won MVP this regular season was the one I've always wanted to watch. I hate saying this, but I'm starting to like the way he's carried his team and the way his teammates have improved despite his persistence of having a trade earlier this season.

KB24 has definitely matured and that has driven him and the rest of the LA Lakers to be better. Look where they are now. They are in the Conference Finals and battling it out against the defending champions, the San Antonio Spurs. The series is going to be more exciting with Manu Ginobili back on top form and Kobe just thrilled watching someone who showed as much determination as he does when playing basketball. As for the question about how good Kobe is? No one can really tell exactly how good he is. Kobe is simply good.

“He hit a lot of big shots, he hit one shot that just made me laugh. It was right in Sasha’s face. It was just great defense,” said Kobe on Manu's face off against Lakers' Sasha Vujacic.

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